The Great Owl-verlord has risen!
Your blood-stained scythe-wielding brat princess is here! She’s definitely very scary!
Be scared! Or else!

Variety streamer & VTuber


Representation of Anger, The hurt of having a bleeding heart, wearing your heart on your sleeve and getting hurt because of it, and wanting to unleash suppressed emotions.Alone in the cold solitude of her ice egg, Silvi has lots of time to think. She ruminates on her feelings and comes to various conclusions. Why must she be made to suffer? Why does her heart want to hold on to this sadness? Why couldn't the human boy simply have stayed with her, then she wouldn't be feeling all of these awful things. If only he had stayed... yes... it's his fault, she thought. The more she thought, the angrier she became. The anger built and built until it eventually overtook Silvi's mind, and turned her towards the darkness. Silvi’s frozen crystal heart, which she had so carefully encased in ice, emerged from her chest, crimson and bloody, put on display for the world to see. Her ice magic was transformed into blood magic, and the crystals on her leg and arm gathered together, forming themselves into a dark and golden scythe. Dark wings of crystal reminiscent of the dark side of the crescent moon emerged, symbolising her new powers. Her transformation had burst the ice egg in her tree open such that all that remained were smoking shards of black ice strewn around the once snowy forest floor. The tree that held the egg became dark and twisted, and her ice palace which was inside had also changed in accordance with Silvis new power. Silvi thought to herself that others should feel the pain she felt, others should pay for the suffering that she went through because of that human boy she met years ago. So she left her forest and her home in the tree and went to the human village. The village had grown large since many years had passed and the humans now thrived, smiling and happy. How could they be happy when she had been alone and suffering this whole time? Why didn't the human ever come back for her? Surely all humans were just as bad as he was. They don't deserve to be happy, so I will take things from them as penance for the human boy's selfishness, she thought. So Silvi flew down with her dark power and began to slaughter them. All of them. The humans tried to run, they screamed, but Silvi did not care. The heart on her chest pulsed and glowed bright red with each life she took, her scythe gleaming with blood, a vengeful smile on Silvi's face. Her sharp fangs were glistening, sneering at the humans as they desperately tried to escape her. She rejoiced in their fear and anguish, revelling in her new found power. Finally feeling something again after so long... it felt... good. The crescent moon in the sky grew large and began to bleed, staining the sky with red light. Silvi's eyes shone red in the darkness and she wiped blood away from her mouth.This story will be told in an upcoming song titled End of Time.


Representation of Naivety, Childhood innocence, the protection of being young and ignorant to the world's cruelties.Silvi is an immortal snowy owl girl who protects the northern forest. She lives in the hollowed out hole of a tree and looks after the forest critters. She is isolated from human society and the humans stay away from the forest she lives in, as it is said to be magical and is therefore something to be feared. One day, Silvi was patrolling the forest when she came across a human boy. She had never seen a human this close up before and spent some time observing him. As the days went on he started to look cold and was clearly lost. Silvi decided she would help the boy and the two became fast friends. As they got to know each other, Silvi gradually began to feel something for this human boy, having never experienced the company of someone other than the forest animals. They travelled together over the course of some days to the edge of the forest, where the human would be able to find his own way home. Silvi couldn't go with the boy as he was a human, and she was bound to the forest as its guardian. The two were parted, never to meet again. Silvi became so saddened by this loss that she fell asleep in her tree hollow for 600 years.This lore is told in Silvi’s first original song "Memories of First Snow"


Representation of Loneliness, the pain of losing a loved one, and wanting to freeze over your heart so that you never have to feel anything again.After many years of being asleep in the tree, Silvi's heart never recovers from the sadness of being separated from the human. She begins to resent having feelings and having ever met the human at all. All of this pain and hurt in her heart becomes cold and stoic, and manifests as ice. Her body freezes over, encasing her in crystalline ice and she emerges in a new form. Her tree hollow is also overtaken by a giant egg made of ice, which now sits atop the tree Silvi's hollow used to be in. There is a magical portal in a crack in the ice egg which leads to Silvi's ice palace, and the forest around the tree has become shattered by ice crystals and is completely frozen over. Silvi feels like she will never be happy again and sadness overtakes her, causing her to remain in her ice egg, hidden away from others for many more years.This lore is told in my second original song "Reminiscence of Ice and Snow"


Species: Owl
Gender: Female
Height: 5 Feet and a half inch tall (154 cm)
Birthday: March 3rd
Body Type: Slender
Eye Color: Red Orange glow with purple undertone
Hair Color: Black with red under hair and a red streak on their bangs

[ Notes]
✧ Flat chested
✧ Tattoo on front of right thigh
✧ Elf ears with earrings along the top
✧ Bandages on her right arm, usually wields scythe with this arm
Haughty, evil and domineering! She will demand the world of you and more! You will submit to her or you will be punished! She is also messy and lazy, will not do chores on her own! Always covered in blood for some reason! Chuunibyou tendencies.


Species: Owl
Gender: Female
Height: 5 Feet and a half inch tall (154 cm)
Birthday: March 3rd
Body Type: Slender
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White with black ombre

[ Notes]
✧ Flat chested
✧ Vines grow on her left leg and right arm
✧ Transparent frilly skirt has four layers
Sleepy, quiet, and shy! Speaks no louder than the whisper of the wind through the trees, unless you make her angry! Then, prepare to get an earful of owl screeches! Slightly airheaded and forgetful!


Species: Owl
Gender: Female
Height: 5 Feet and a half inch tall (154 cm)
Birthday: March 3rd
Body Type: Slender
Eye Color: Heterochromia, her right eye is grey-ish blue while her left is a more saturated blue hue.
Hair Color: White

[ Notes]
✧Flat chested
✧ Right leg is made of real ice, stays frozen permanently with Silvi's ice magic!
✧Ice crystals float around her left arm and right leg
A bratty princess who likes to be spoiled! Pouty, and will sulk until she gets what she wants! Usually that's your attention! Sudden onsets of loneliness and sadness may occur! Beware of snowballs if you dare tell her no!


✟﹕𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐄𝐑𝐀𝐋: #Silvium
✟﹕𝐀𝐑𝐓: #Silvillust
✟﹕𝐋𝐈𝐕𝐄: #SilviLive


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Become a Fledgling!

Silvi’s loyal servants who attend to her every need. Laundry, sweeping, cleaning up after her and more, the fledglings take care of Silvi no matter what! They do this willingly and are definitely NOT forced into indentured servitude when they enter the Hollow. The fledglings love their evil princess with all their hearts and encourage her to have healthier habits. They enjoy being stepped on and teased by their princess!

[NOTES]Fledglings come in many different shapes and sizes, each unique and interesting! The standard fledgling has the following features
✧ Dark brown/black feathers
✧ Red tipped ear tufts
✧ Red eyes
✧ Yellow/gold beak
✧ Round shape



Blood Moon Silvi

✧ Model Art Apple Caramel
✧ Model Rigging: BriAtCookieBox
✧ Reference Sheet: louloulou_F & ssugartype
✧ Transformation Animation: Studio Yuraki & dhitOWO & Jay
✧ Overlays: Shiina - Aeru Studio
✧ Stinger: M_Agho & Jay
✧ Starting and Ending Screen Art: Alllisso
✧ Starting and Ending Screen Animation: Anska
✧ Alert Animations: Kazzy
✧ Emotes: Cuuni & nanobites
✧ Panels: bellUFO
✧ Logo and Schedule: monarune


✧ Website Yume Kuzukawa
Past Credits


Ice Silvi

✧ Silvi Model: louloulou_f 楼楼
✧ Silvi Rigging: BriAtCookieBox
✧ Stream Overlays, Stinger: Shiina - Aeru Studio
✧ Alerts Graphics: raina_illune
✧ Alert Sounds: Ty
✧ Panels and Logo: selenitexty
✧ Starting Screen Art: hanhchu & Raina_illune & SeterMD
✧ BGMs: Ty & Tofie
✧ Emotes and Badges: yokoyume & teliwis & waabyuu
✧ Magical Girl Transformation: paanteas & aka & paca

Ghost Silvi

✧ Ghostvi Model and Rig: PrincessKyuuna
✧ Ghostvi Design: Nyapo
✧ Overlays: Feya
✧ Stinger: Catalogz
✧ Logo: StefanusHendy98
✧ Starting Screen and Stinger Illustration: fake_artz
✧ BRB and End Screen Illustration: rmmr_neko21
✧ Emotes: teliwis
✧ Emotes Animations: mad_demian
✧ Chat Box and Schedule: melonturtle
✧ BGMs: peritune

Forest Silvi

✧ Silvi Model: louloulou_f 楼楼
✧ Owl Model: VT_Rune Rig: Chupuko
✧ Stream Overlays, Stinger: UwU Media
✧ Alerts Graphics: cutesuuu & saya
✧ Alert Sounds: Geist
✧ Panels and Logo: cutesuuu
✧ Starting Screen Art: fawnbun & Raina_illune
✧ BGMs: Tofie & Geist
✧ Emotes and Badges: teliwis & waabyuu
✧ Magical Girl Transformation: UwUAmaryllis & Arkhand